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Dr. Peter D. Relic: President, National Association of Independent Schools (retired.)
“From the research to your recall to the writing, it is one fine book; just about the most on target of all education books since Ernie Boyer.”

David Carson: CEO, People's Bank (ret.) former Connecticut Businessman of the Year
“Have read your book. It is good solid information, well presented and persuasive. Would be glad to discuss marketing.”

Madeline McKernan: University of Hartford Liaison to the University’s Magnet School
“Art Woznicki has not only the experience but the political savvy to understand the changing role of the school principal in the 21st century.”

John Guy LaPlante: Author and Journalist, (website): Main Street News: Connecticut’s Shoreline Newspaper : “from Review”
“It's the Principal of the Thing, is urgent and important reading. For all of board members, administrators, principals and teachers, and of course parents and taxpayers.”

Dr. Robert Villanova: Connecticut Superintendent of the Year 2007: Farmington, CT
“Wow! What you have presented is really a testament to your sharp mind, insightful analysis of what really makes schools work and your ability to write with a delightful flair for both language and telling a story in an informative and compelling style.”

Dr. Neil Atkins: former Executive Secretary: Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development: (ASCD)
“The impact of the organization of the book using, as it does, dialogue to narrate with clarity about one of the main characters, comes only from real experience.”

Dr. Randy Collins: President: Association American Supervisors and Administrators
“I began reading your book yesterday. Quite frankly, I thought I would probably not enjoy it all that much. I COULD NOT PUT IN DOWN.”

Angela Thomas: Inner City Vice Principal, Hartford, CT
“I LOVE this book. When I finish the book, I am going to read it again to identify areas for further study.”

Richard Hedrick: Napa Valley Vintner: This book is well written, insightful and provocative”.

Robert Rader: Executive Director: Connecticut Association of Boards of Education: (CABE): “from Review”
“Woznicki believes that boards of education must put pressure on superintendents of schools to ensure that those hired as principals serve as real ‘teachers of teachers.’ I very much agree with him on principals. That is the power of the book.”

David Duval: Retired Principal, West Hartford Public Schools: “Your book has it all: realism, freshness, challenges, shock, insight, humor, alarm, frankness and encouragement.”

Principal Book

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