Principal Book





"Harry Latter, an elementary school teacher, slowly and reluctantly rises from bed. Somewhat groggy, he clears the sleep from his brain and focuses on the day ahead. Ugh, it’s only Wednesday, three more days ‘til the weekend, he laments.  His thoughts slowly turn to his fifth-grade classroom as he flicks on a light in the kitchen and shakes cereal into a small bowl, slices a banana, empties the last of a quart of milk over the mixture and pours a cup of coffee. Harry remains gloomy about the prospect of another day at work. He retrieves the morning paper, opens the blinds and turns to the sports page blocking all thoughts of the task

"Jennifer, no!" is his reflex response. The words burst out from deep within him. "My wife, my kids, what will I tell them? What will I do? It's Christmas." Tears well-up in his eyes. "Please give me more time. I'm trying to do what you tell me I should be doing." Harry, dabbing at his eyes, leaves panic-sticken with the imminent threat hanging over his head, which is about to be placed in the restraining bar of a job-terminating guillotine."


"Dismissing tenured teachers for incompetence is as rare as snow in June. The problem is as much principal incompetence as it is teacher incompetence."

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