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I stumbled into teaching while in the U.S. Army. I graduated from Fordham University then worked in advertising production in NYC. Soon I was drafted. My company commander needed someone to teach our unit's Troop Information and Education Program. When he learned I was an English major, I was it. Following my discharge I taught for eight years before being appointed principal in West Hartford, CT. I was promoted to Director of Instruction and supervised more then 40 principals over a span of 14 years.

Early on I learned the importance of the principals' effect on the success or failure of a school. This book has been itching and struggling to free itself from the depths of my being. It has finally emerged following years of frustration. Here, I have written about the crucial role principals have in determining the success or failure of our schools.

I submit that principals, who today are managers, must become instructional leaders i.e.: teachers of teachers or be replaced. It is crucial that we employ only principals who can teach their staffs how to examine, analyze and improve both, the teaching and learning acts. Otherwise, I suggest, our schools are doomed to fail this generation's needs.


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